Research Interests:

  • Stochastic optimization and decision theory in dynamic systems.
  • Machine learning, statistical inference, algorithmic theory, and computational techniques.
  • Infrastructure networks, communication systems, and social economic networks.

Selected Research Projects:

  • AI Institute for Next Generation Food Systems (USDA).
  • Greater Data Science Cooperative Institute (NSF).
  • Searching for the Rare: an Active Inference and Learning Approach (NSF).
  • Large-Scale Network Inference (ARO).
  • EAGER:Renewables: Reversing the Death Spiral: Sustainable Integration of Renewables and Storage in Distribution Systems (NSF).
  • Beating the Odds in Traffic Measurements/Detection with Optimal Online Learning and Adaptive Policies (NSF).
  • Online Learning and Exploitation of the Radio Frequency Spectrum with Sub-Nyquist Sampling (NSF).
  • Network Science Collaborative Technology Alliance (NS-CTA) (ARL Consortium).
  • Stochastic Online Learning in Dynamic Networks under Unknown Models (ARO).

Honors and Awards: